Identity Development & Brand Management

I work with our clients to either create or strengthen their existing identity system (including logos, colors, taglines, etc.), or when the brand is already strong, use the existing assets to find ways to extend it even further.

Stationery, Brochure & Other Print Collateral

From traditional stationery packages to multi-page brochures or 100-page catalogs, I can handle it all and everything in between. Want something die-cut with metallic ink and custom bindery? Yeah, now you’re speaking my language.

Branded Merchandise Design & Procurement

Extending past traditional print media, I explore and design unique branded merchandise that maximizes customer impact while keeping outreach goals and budgets in mind. I work closely with trusted partners in the customized apparel and promotional merchandise industry to bring these designs to life.

Photography Art Direction

Whether it’s managing simple product shots for a print or online catalog, or perfecting an elaborate multi-day shoot to create that perfect, crafted brand image, I  have relationships with photographers with many different styles and areas of concentration, so we can choose the right one to bring concepts to life through the lens.

Production Management

No project is complete without proper execution. To make sure clients get exactly what was planned in conceptual and development, I typically maintain control throughout the production process. If it’s printed, I’ll likely be on press tweaking press sheets. If it’s sewn, I’ll seen the sew-outs, etc.
All part of a good day’s work.