Property Signage & Branding Assessments

Some existing properties or projects require an extensive understanding of current conditions, including signage, environmental, branding, etc., and how they effect the user experience, before moving on to conceptual and planning for improving those conditions.

This typically only takes 2-4 weeks for even the largest properties. This can be very beneficial to property managers trying to plan in advance for years of budgeting, funding and improvements, as it yields a list of low hanging fruit and a “shopping list” of improvements and their benefits, as well as the type of investment they may incur when executed.

Architectural or Monumental Signage Design

I work with individual clients and developers or entire architectural teams to conceptually design appropriate architectural signage or large-scale monumentation, then prepare design intent documentation for bidding to general contractors or fabricators and installers.

Construction Administration of Signage Components

When I’m involved with the design intent and specifications in a signage package, it’s a best-practice type of checks and balances for us to be involved in the CA portion, where I work directly with fabricators and installers to make sure that the initial intent of the project is realized in the field.